My Mission

To create awareness and conserve nature through the lens and share my knowledge and passion for photography

“I use photography to help create leverage for conservation efforts ranging from local initiatives to global campaigns, through my publications, courses, public appearances, and active support of environmental organizations.” 


After getting my degree from the Academy of Photography and Photonics, in The Hague, The Netherlands,  I have been studying light, composition, and digital image processing as a photographer and photonics engineer for more than three decades in photography and digital image processing. 

‘Painting with Light’ is the driving force in my landscape photography. With a deep understanding of the structure of light, film, optics, digital sensors, image processing and composition, I am able to combines all of this into stunning images. The images that I create are carefully built with light and color and speak for themselves, as I let the image do my narrative.

Core Values

My core values are the preservation and conservation of the environment. Through my landscape photography, workshops and courses I hope to reach people who share my values.

“My inspiration comes from, what I perceive as the cosmic energy that exists everywhere. I believe that art should trigger people to think twice and that is what I want to achieve with my photography, a social and moral trigger for people to think beyond the obvious “How pretty”.”